We at Energetic Productions Inc. (producers of Tom Bearden and Energy from the Vacuum™ books and science videos) are well aware of the convenience of instant streaming to satisfy immediate viewing needs.

But are the needs in fact immediate?

One obstacle is the way users have been trained to think about what streaming services are for, namely on-demand, anytime, and binge-mode viewing.

We have produced all these books and films as a permanent record of science that has been “lost,” found, and may well be lost again, and have invested a considerable amount to ensure that the film production values elevate the subjects and the science to a level that does them justice and enhances credibility.

Likewise with the book production design and artwork.

Our material is not instantly consumable entertainment. It is a permanent record designed to educate and make sure that the pioneering work of Tom Bearden, John Bedini et al. doesn’t disappear down the drain.

That is why we will continue to publish books as books, and film as DVDs.

This article entitled What Will Happen to My Music Library When Spotify Dies exactly underlines why this is our policy.

The shipping is expensive and labor intensive, but it does give you peace of mind that you will have in your hands something that, you can take your time with and digest the contents at your pace.

Video is a different matter, especially as many of today’s laptop computers do not have the means of playing DVDs, which is our preferred medium.

There are a number of workarounds, and inexpensive DVD players are easily available and can be connected to TVs, which most people still have. The GOM software on laptops is quite popular for playing DVDs, and Play Stations also play DVDs.

There are also 19 video trailers for the Series on YouTube for those of you that want to see some free video. We also posted on YouTube a one hour video of John Bedini in the lab and the trailer for Tom Bearden's video "Aids - Biological Warfare."

The streaming “landscape” continues to be in an almost daily state of flux, and we are monitoring it to see if there is a niche that we can use for video, but this is a complex issue and meaningful analysis for the long-term takes time.  Regardless of which direction we take, we will still continue to produce DVDs in parallel with any streaming attempts.

It is also extremely labor intensive, as with over 50 titles, our catalog will have to be reformatted to fit the streaming requirements “du jour.”

We hope this clarifies this issue.
The Energetic Productions Team